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Corporate Industry EV Charging: Powering Your Employee Experience


Redefine the way your employees charge their EVs with the Boost Charger, an ultrafast charging solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing electrical infrastructure. Now available for purchase and installation through Netzero, an approved partner, this solution delivers energy to EVs exactly where it's needed. Its setup is straightforward and requires no electrical infrastructure upgrades or extensive permitting, making immediate deployment to meet growing EV charging demands possible. The Mobi EV Charger product line eliminates the need for employees to relocate their EVs to fixed charging stations, making charging a breeze. With FreeWire, businesses and employees can enjoy a superior charging experience.


Speedy Deployment

Begin charging in a matter of days, not weeks. The Boost Charger and Mobi EV Charger facilitate rapid deployment without the need for additional electrical infrastructure or permitting.

Location Flexibility The Boost Charger can be easily relocated to meet changing needs. Meanwhile, the Mobi can charge EVs at any location, any time, thanks to its mobile charging platform.

Enhanced Employee Experience

Foster a positive charging experience for your employees by delivering ultrafast charging and mobile convenience, bringing energy to EVs rather than bringing EVs to energy sources.

Cost Efficiency

Save time and cut infrastructure costs by 20%, and reduce operating expenses by 70% with our off-peak and demand-charge-elimination technology.

Elevate your corporate EV charging experience with FreeWire's Boost Charger, available for purchase and installation through Netzero. If you're interested in transforming your EV charging process, reach out to us at Netzero and let us help you make the switch.

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