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Get Your Business on the Map by Offering EV Charging Stations

Updated: Jul 2


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A recent study by McKinsey found that 35% of electric vehicle (EV) owners complained about the public charging infrastructure and said it is not yet good enough. The lack of EV fast charging stations results in “range anxiety,” which is the fear of running out of battery charge in an area with no ability to recharge an EV. 

As a clever business owner, you have a chance to add EV rapid charging stations to your business to attract this EV clientele with their desirable characteristics. They are affluent, tech-savvy, and brand loyal. They are most likely to find an EV rapid charging station using their mobile phone to locate the nearest EV fast charging location using a map search. To capture this business, you want to be on these maps.

Attractive Demographics of EV Owners

As more affordable EV models enter the market, the demographic profile of EV owners is becoming more diverse, encompassing all genders with various income levels, ages, and backgrounds. 

Tesla has a significant share of the EV market in the U.S. Tesla owners often exhibit strong brand loyalty. Other popular EV brands include Chevrolet (Bolt), Nissan (Leaf), and newer entrants like Rivian and Lucid Motors.

EV Owners are:

  • More likely to be eco-conscious.

  • Have significant disposable income.

  • Have greater brand loyalty.

Many EV owners are motivated by environmental concerns. They prioritize reducing their carbon footprint and are often involved in other eco-friendly practices.

EV owners tend to be early adopters of new technology. They are often interested in the latest advancements and are more likely to integrate smart home technologies and renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, into their lifestyles.

How many EV charging stations are in the United States?

According to electrek, the U.S. Joint Office of Energy and Transportation reports the number of Level 2 and DC fast charging ports in America is more than 183,000. During the last quarter, the number of charging ports increased by more than 13,000. Rapid charging via DC fast charging stations is available at 10,662 locations.

The department announced in May 2024, $1.3 billion funding is now available to continue the expansion of the country’s EV charging network. America is about one-third of the way to reaching its goal of having at least the total of 500,000 charging ports at over 30,000 locations by 2030.

How to get your business on the maps

  • Install and activate your EV charging station(s).

  • Submit business location information to EV charging station maps and Google search.

  • Promote your business as an EV charging station location.

  • Build brand awareness on social media.

Examples of maps that are good to get your business on include Plugshare, Chargemap, and EV Safe Charge. There are plenty of other maps to get listed on. Just search for EV charging stations maps to see more of them. Some of these systems help plan routes based on the recharging requirements and they also notify members when a new EV charging station is opened, which could be an excellent promotion for your new EV rapid charging stations.

An illustration of a person standing next to a large smartphone showing a map, with a car parked nearby.

Stake your claim to this group of “golden” customers

Most EV owners tend to be in the 30-50 age group. This demographic is more likely to have the financial stability needed to purchase or lease an EV. Early adopters of EVs have predominantly been male, although this gender gap is narrowing as EVs become more mainstream.

EV owners generally have higher household incomes. A significant portion of EV owners possess higher education degrees. This trend correlates with a higher disposable income, a willingness to pay more for better quality products, and a greater awareness of environmental issues.

What are the benefits of attracting EV owners to your business?

  • EV owners spend more time and money at your location.

  • The typical 20 to 30+ minutes of fast charging gives a customer time to shop or eat.

  • Adding EV charging stations improves your customer traffic count.

  • Market your eco-awareness by placing your location on various EV charging station maps.

There is a bit of a “gold rush” for you to consider. You want to get your location on the map(s) before a competitor does. One of the recommendations when conducting due diligence for the installation of EV charging stations is to create a competitive analysis and discover all EV charging stations near your location.

NetZero Energy specializes in EV charging Oregon, EV charging Washington, and EV charging Alaska. We know a considerable amount about EV rapid charging system installations in those states.

Washington has significant activity in the opening of new EV charging stations. Statista reports the state of Washington has the 6th largest deployment of EV charging stations. It has 2,165 stations with a total of 5,669 charging outlets (April 2024). Oregon has fewer. Alaska, due to the extreme weather challenges, has much less.

Get your business on the EV charging stations maps

It all starts with your consultation with the experts at NetZero Energy. Don’t let this wonderful opportunity pass you by when all it takes is a single phone call to 360.636.5337 or make an online request to get the information you need to make an informed decision.



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