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Founded In 2015

NetZero Energy: Your Pathway to a Sustainable Future

Welcome to NetZero Energy, LLC—your partner in crafting a brighter, more sustainable future. We're a dynamic organization, dedicated to empowering diverse sectors—including industrial, commercial, governmental, and non-profit—with strategies designed to drastically cut their energy expenses.


Our portfolio spans from coast to coast, showcasing our work with a myriad of facilities, each reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence and transparency. Since our establishment in 2015, we've become a trusted beacon in the energy industry, delivering bespoke solutions and leading-edge technologies that prioritize your specific needs.


Our prowess extends beyond just LED lighting solutions. We've recently ventured into the realm of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, furthering our commitment to a cleaner, greener future. Our comprehensive, turn-key solutions encompass everything from state-of-the-art EV charging stations to economically efficient lighting systems, all designed to transform your vision into reality.


Our team, rich with diverse expertise—spanning Construction, Automation, Management, Energy, Engineering, Manufacturing, Electronics, Lighting, and Capital Equipment—brings a holistic approach to your project.


We're uniquely proud of our designers, who hold the prestigious NXT Level certification from the Northwest Trade Ally Alliance and adhere to the IES Standards.


This certification, awarded after rigorous training with an alliance of Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations, further solidifies our place in the industry.


Embarking on a journey with NetZero Energy, LLC means aligning with a team that is not just highly trained, but also passionately dedicated to:

  • Pioneering techniques and technologies

  • Economically viable and efficient lighting solutions

  • High-capacity, future-ready EV Charging Stations

  • Best-in-class practices for energy efficiency

  • Customized lighting solutions, tailored to your project's unique needs

  • Guidance in leveraging utility incentives to offset project costs

Join us at NetZero Energy, LLC, where we illuminate the path to a net zero future. Together, let's shape an energy-efficient world for generations to come.

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