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Utility Industry EV Charging: A New Paradigm

Embrace the future of electrification in more areas with FreeWire's infrastructure-light EV charging solutions, conveniently installed by Netzero. We offer groundbreaking solutions for utility providers to support EV drivers and enhance grid infrastructure and operations, even at the grid's edge.


With EV models now boasting greater range and faster charging rates, meeting increased power demands becomes a necessity. FreeWire addresses these evolving needs with energy storage solutions that facilitate ultrafast charging without the need for grid upgrades or additional grid stress. The Boost Charger delivers high power output while significantly reducing energy costs, benefiting site hosts, grid operators, and ratepayers alike. FreeWire’s AMP™ software allows for precise control and reporting of assets, with an API repository for seamless integration with other EV charging value chain stakeholders.


Seamless Integration

Compared to conventional fast chargers, the rapid chargers requires lower-voltage input, allowing you to multiply your power output. 

Effortless Charger

Upgrade The Boost Charger lets you transform Level 2 chargers into fast chargers using the same low-voltage infrastructure.


Sophisticated Energy Management

With its integrated energy storage and software platform, the Boost Charger enables load shifting, demand charge management, resilience, and more. ​


Navigate the future of EV charging in the utility industry with FreeWire's Boost Charger, professionally installed by Netzero. Contact us today to learn more and start your journey towards efficient EV charging.

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