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Upgrade Your Government Facilities with LED Lighting

As the focus sharpens on sustainable energy practices, integrating LED lights into government-run buildings and facilities has emerged as a favored strategy to curtail energy consumption. NetZero Energy, LLC stands at the forefront of this initiative, specializing in LED lighting solutions for a comprehenbsive range of public edificies,


​​​As a Certified Energy Star Partner, a member of the Energy Trust of Oregon, and a Bonneville Power Partner, NetZero Energy, LLC brings expertise, credibility, and commitment to every project. ​ ​​​We provide detailed lighting audits and expert advice for LED lighting upgrades or retrofitting for your facility. We understand the stringent qualifications required for lighting contractors in government buildings and have consistently delivered LED lighting upgrades under government contracts, meeting and exceeding these standards.

NetZero Energy LLC: Enhancing Government Buildings with LED Lighting Solutions
Transform Government Buildings with NetZero Energy LLC's LED Lighting Solutions

Decoding LED Lighting Upgrades: Frequently Asked Questions

NetZero Energy, LLC harnesses its extensive experience and in-depth understanding of mixed-use government buildings and properties to ensure every LED light upgrade is executed flawlessly, achieving the desired outcomes. Here's what our comprehensive approach includes:

  • Understanding the specific uses of each facility to tailor our solutions

  • Recognizing that different areas within a property will necessitate distinct lighting and controls

  • Catering to mixed-use areas such as gymnasiums, concert halls, and workspaces that serve diverse functions

  • Crafting customized lighting profiles for various event/work types

  • Implementing automated lighting systems and programming to conserve energy when certain sections of the property are not in use

  • Aiding in the creation of safe and secure environments both inside and outside the premises

  • Addressing budgetary considerations and developing an affordable LED lighting retrofit package to minimize energy costs

  • Maximizing current tax incentives and rebates for added financial benefit

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