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EV Charging Products

Freewire Boost Charger 200

Effortless Integration and Scalability of High-Speed Charging


Introducing the Freewire Boost Charger™ 200, your powerful and adaptable DC charging solution. With its unique battery-integrated design, the Boost Charger™ 200 easily connects to your existing infrastructure, sidestepping hefty construction expenses and complicated permitting hurdles. Boasting a solid 160 kWh battery capacity, our charger needs just one-eighth of the input power traditional chargers consume. Yet, it still delivers an impressive 200 kW of high-power charging to all EV models. Discover how the Boost Charger™ 200 can empower your fleet, regardless of vehicle class, to adopt ultrafast EV charging more affordably and with less impact on the grid.

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High-Speed Charging

Get up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes with our Boost Charger™ 200. It's equipped with configurable ports, making it a compatible buddy for all vehicle models, including medium- and heavy-duty EVs. Plus, its dual connectors offer simultaneous ultrafast charging.

Plug & Play

Get up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes with our Boost Charger™ 200. It's equipped with configurable ports, making it a compatible buddy for all vehicle models, including medium- and heavy-duty EVs. Plus, its dual connectors offer simultaneous ultrafast charging.

Flexible Installation

Made a mistake in choosing your location? No worries! Our Boost Charger is designed for easy relocation, allowing you to optimize placement and site access. Rest assured, your assets are never stranded.

Lower Energy Costs

With the Boost Charger™ 200, your EVs charge directly from the battery, bypassing the grid. This virtually eliminates demand charges, thanks to our smart peak-shaving and load-shifting capabilities. Moreover, Netzero's proprietary management software further trims costs, while providing additional energy services.

Efficient Deployment

Embrace ultrafast EV charging without the baggage of pricey and lengthy grid upgrades. The Freewire Boost Charger™ 200 makes it all possible.

ABB Terra HP Charger - Up to 350 kW

Our Preferred NEVI Program EV Charging Station


ABB, a Swiss engineering company, has launched the Terra 360 modular charger, which is touted as the world's fastest electric car charger. This high-power charging solution is designed to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and can fully charge any electric car within 15 minutes. The charger is capable of charging up to four vehicles simultaneously, making it attractive to businesses and charging stations concerned about charging times . ABB's Terra 360 charger is expected to be available in Europe by the end of the year, with plans to expand to the United States, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific regions in 2022.

BTC Power GEN4 180 kW All-in-One (AiO)

BTC Power | Our "Go-To" System


Introducing the GEN4 180 kW All-in-One DC Fast Charger from BTC Power – your advanced solution for swift and efficient EV charging. This cutting-edge charger, with liquid-cooled cables, achieves a full EV charge in just 10-15 minutes, providing rapid charging convenience. Its distributive power allocation enables simultaneous high-speed charging for two EVs, minimizing wait times and optimizing customer flow. With a range of connectors, the GEN4 180 kW charger is compatible with most EVs. The user-friendly design, lighter cables, and optional 25-foot cable enhance the charging experience. Embrace the future of EV charging.

Zerova 180 kW Free Standing DC Charger

Our Brand of Proven DC Fast Chargers From Zerova


The ZEROVA DS Series 90 to 180 kW DC Charger, created by industry leader ZEROVA, provides a robust EV charging solution. Ensuring optimal performance, this charger offers fast, reliable charging for electric vehicles. ZEROVA is renowned for its customizable and intelligent EV charging solutions, encompassing fast DC and AC chargers, charging station modules, and user-friendly mobile apps. As a trusted partner for businesses building their EV charging infrastructure, ZEROVA prioritizes safety and efficiency with the UL-listed, ENERGY STAR certified, and Eichrecht-certified DS Series DC Charger. 

Our Preferred Software Platform Provider


Charging Solutions

EV Connect is a premier provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of products and services. The user-friendly platform serves as a gateway to a broad spectrum of offerings.

Key Services

The company provides a robust software platform tailored to assist EV charging businesses in achieving rapid growth through revenue optimization tools, advanced charger management, and premium driver support.


EV Connect is committed to industry standards and delivers NEVI-compliant solutions for seamless and regulated charging experiences. Establishing strategic partnerships with utilities & top EV charging equipment manufacturers.

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