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Revolutionizing EV Charging in the Retail Industry

Experience the ease of premium ultrafast EV charging with FreeWire's Boost Charger, now available for installation through Netzero. This compact and cost-effective solution reduces both installation and operational costs, offering you a compelling return on investment. Operating via a low-voltage grid connection, the fully-integrated charger can be deployed 6X faster than traditional solutions, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. As driver demand grows, easily scale up or relocate the battery-integrated unit that not only charges EVs directly from the grid but also cuts energy costs and provides a full charge in just minutes. By adopting FreeWire's ultrafast charging infrastructure, you maintain total control over pricing, branding, and the customer experience!

Enhancing Retail with NetZero Energy LLC's EV Charging Innovation

Affordable Solution

The Boost Charger's integrated energy storage cuts installation costs by 20% by eliminating the need for expensive electrical infrastructure. Furthermore, it reduces operating costs by 70% by intelligently managing energy costs, particularly reducing demand charges.

NetZero Energy LLC: Pioneering EV Charging Solutions for Retail

Rapid & Versatile

Deploy ultrafast charging at a speed 6X faster than conventional systems with the Boost Charger. It allows for quick deployment without any additional electrical infrastructure and can be effortlessly relocated between sites.

Space-Efficient Design

Being 5X more space-efficient than traditional ultrafast charging solutions, the fully-integrated Boost Charger does away with unsightly and costly electrical infrastructure.

Profitable Investment

As the owner, you benefit from charger revenue and increased retail sales, all while maintaining complete control of the customer experience through custom branding and advertising. Redefine your retail space with the future of ultrafast EV charging - the FreeWire Boost Charger, installed by Netzero.


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Evolving Retail Spaces with NetZero Energy LLC's EV Charging Solutions

EV Drivers Spend While They Charge


8 OUT OF 10

EV drivers shop or eat while they charge

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The average duration of a charging session is 31 minutes

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Customer average spend per session

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