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Automotive Industry EV Charging: Turnkey Solutions with FreeWire Boost Charger

Experience the convenience of turnkey EV charging for fleets of any size, anywhere, with FreeWire’s Boost Charger, now available for purchase and installation through Netzero, an approved partner. The Boost Charger enables you to keep your EVs powered up without the need for additional electrical infrastructure or increased power demand.


Providing dual ultrafast charging with universally compatible connectors, it's a game-changer for your operations. The Mobi EV Charger product line delivers power to your vehicles without the need to reshuffle your EVs to access fixed charging infrastructure. Its built-in drive system with joystick operation ensures easy placement in service bays, maintenance locations, showrooms, or wherever your EVs reside. Coupled with FreeWire AMP™, the user-friendly software platform, businesses can effectively track and deploy chargers in real-time.

Accelerating Change: NetZero Energy LLC's EV Charging Solutions for Automotive

Charge Anywhere

Deploy semi-permanent chargers wherever they're needed, including owned or leased fleet locations.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Contrary to traditional solutions, the Boost Charger's integrated energy storage curtails installation costs by 20% by avoiding expensive electrical infrastructure, and reduces operating costs by 70% through efficient energy management, particularly in demand charge reduction.

NetZero Energy LLC: Driving the Future of Automotive with EV Charging Solutions

No Stranded Assets

If your business relocates, take your chargers with you; avoid stranding assets and compromising your return on investment. ​


Step up your automotive operations with FreeWire's Boost Charger, available for purchase and installation through Netzero, your approved partner. If you're interested in revolutionizing your EV charging process, reach out to us at Netzero and let us help you make the switch.

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Our client portfolio includes facilities across many market segments, and we uphold our work with unwavering pride and a commitment to excellence. 

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