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Fleet Industry EV Charging: A Game Changer

Experience the flexibility of ultrafast EV charging with integrated management software for your fleet operations, powered by FreeWire’s Boost Charger, now available for purchase and installation through Netzero, an approved partner. This fully-integrated system interfaces seamlessly with existing low voltage electrical infrastructure to deliver energy to your EVs as and when needed.


The Boost Charger's design not only negates the need for grid upgrades in most locations but also facilitates easy relocation between sites. Its semi-permanent structure enables fleet operators to swiftly assess the utilization or return on investment of charging, eliminating the risk of stranded investment. Start with a compact deployment and scale up swiftly as demand grows, bypassing complex and costly grid upgrades to meet your current and future power needs. Our advanced management software empowers fleet managers to incorporate and manage EVs effortlessly in their fleet.

Fleet Industry Evolution: NetZero Energy LLC's Advanced EV Charging Solutions

Adaptable Charging

Install and relocate ultrafast charging infrastructure with ease to match evolving demand. Cost-Effective Solution In contrast to conventional solutions, Boost Charger's integrated energy storage cuts installation costs by 20% by avoiding expensive electrical infrastructure and reduces operating costs by 70% through efficient energy management, particularly in demand charge reduction.

NetZero Energy LLC: Pioneering EV Charging Solutions for the Fleet Industry

Rapid Deployment

Electrify your expanding fleet swiftly with a deployment time that's 6X faster than conventional chargers. ​Deploy the equivalent of two fast chargers in one product to offer dual charging compatible with all EV models. ​ Elevate your fleet operations with FreeWire's Boost Charger, available for purchase and installation through Netzero, your approved partner. Reach out to us at Netzero today to explore more about this innovative and efficient EV charging solution.

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