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Industrial Facilities

Revitalizing Your Industrial Facility with LED Lighting Solutions

Servicing Washington, Oregon & Alaska


Are you keen on reducing energy expenses for your industrial facility? Lighting is often the first aspect property owners and managers scrutinize, as both energy and maintenance costs accumulate significantly over time. Compared to traditional fluorescent lighting, modern LED solutions can save thousands of dollars per month, depending on the energy costs tied to your current lighting setup.

Optimizing your facility's lighting can yield substantial energy and maintenance savings, while also enhancing employee productivity, safety, and the overall security of your premises.

LED Lighting Fixtures: The Bright Choice for Your Industrial Facility

When contemplating an upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting, property owners and managers often have queries about equipment types, retrofit costs, projected energy savings, and lighting automation. Dynamic Energy Solutions, armed with extensive experience and expertise, can guide you in determining the best course of action for phasing out your outdated lighting. We offer comprehensive lighting audits to help you understand your lighting requirements, upgrade expenses, and potential energy savings for your project. For LED lighting services, including upgrades and retrofits, Dynamic Energy Solutions provides expert advice on:

  • Recommending light fixtures for diverse sections and areas of your building

  • Conducting indoor and outdoor lighting audits and assessing current energy usage

  • Identifying potential safety and security risks with your current lighting setup

  • Highlighting the advantages of lighting automation

  • Detailing costs associated with LED lighting upgrades and retrofits

  • Offering guidance on energy tax credits and incentives

  • Estimating savings on lighting energy costs


Upgrading or Retrofitting Your Facility's Lighting: The Brighter Path Forward

Most industrial facilities can anticipate considerable savings by transitioning to LED lighting, with the costs of upgrades typically recouped within a few years through savings. Dynamic Energy Solutions provides complimentary lighting assessments to help you determine the installation cost of LED lighting, estimated savings, and the overall return on investment for this lighting upgrade. We extend our LED lighting assessments to various types of facilities, including:

  • Industrial Parks and Buildings

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Food Processing Plants

  • Shipping and Receiving Facilities

  • Storage and Parking Facilities

  • Lumber Mills and Plants

  • High-Tech Facilities and Plants

  • Commercial Ports

If you're considering the switch to LED lighting for your property, we invite you to reach out and schedule your free lighting assessment today.

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Our client portfolio includes facilities across many market segments, and we uphold our work with unwavering pride and a commitment to excellence. 

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