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Joining Forces for Brighter, Greener Lighting


At NetZero Energy, we don't go it alone. We partner with the top players in energy efficiency and lighting design to bring you the latest technologies and techniques to illuminate your space beautifully, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

As a NXT Level Partner, we have completed comprehensive training in cutting-edge lighting solutions created by Northwest utilities, lighting experts, and energy efficiency organizations. This means when you choose NetZero Energy, you're getting a team dedicated to:

  • Finding the most energy-efficient lighting for your unique needs

  • Accessing utility incentives that lower your costs

  • Installing lighting calibrated precisely for your space

  • Providing long-lasting, sustainable lighting products and design


In addition to our NXT Level training, we also partner with:

Energy Trust of Oregon: As an Energy Trust trade ally, we can connect you with cash incentives, technical assistance, and energy-saving solutions. The Energy Trust is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to benefiting all Oregon utility customers.

Energy Star: We utilize Energy Star certified lighting products that meet strict efficiency guidelines set by the EPA. This certification ensures you get durable, high-performing lighting that saves energy and money.

Trade Ally Network NW: As members of this regional network, we stay on top of the latest energy-efficient technologies, incentive programs, and best practices in the Pacific Northwest.

DesignLights Consortium: We leverage DLC technical requirements to find the most efficient LED lighting suited to your specific application. The DLC promotes quality LED lighting through testing and certification.

By combining our advanced training with strong partnerships, we provide the knowledge, products, and incentives to create lighting you'll love. Contact us today to discuss how we can design the ideal energy-efficient lighting solution for your project!

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Our client portfolio includes facilities across many market segments, and we uphold our work with unwavering pride and a commitment to excellence. 

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